Winter Flower by Charles Sheehan Miles


Rating : 5 of 5 Stars

Charles Sheehan Miles is an old Secondlife buddy of mine and he has a super power. He had an uncanny ability for trapping you within the lives of his characters and making you cry right along beside them. I have read many of his books and even when I have reread the same one a couple of times, I still needed a box of tissues. This is true of the Last Hour in particular, but even the Last Hour couldn’t compare to his new release, Winter Flower.

With Winter Flower, I didn’t go through one box of tissue but two. I almost needed a third.

Charles has a wonderful narrative voice and is gifted with capturing the POV of each character and allowing them to tell you their own story. You really get to feel all of the rage, pain, fear, loneliness of the Roberts family as they navigate a series of tragedies that are stunningly real. Some make poor choices, others get trapped in their own grief, and some do whatever it takes to survive a horrible situation.

Unlike Charles’s other books, this is not a romance, or light reading. Winter Flower is an in depth look into the ills of our society and what it means to be human, complete with a flicker of hope at the end.

And as a footnote, before I go. Charles, you made me miss Erie Isle, dammit.

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