This is the Great Reboot.

The Pandemic has short circuited many things over the past couple of years and that includes this blog. Okay, I know that I am using it as an excuse since my last post was way before Covid happened, but it sure didn’t help. Life was happening to me in a very dramatic way and when Covid happened, well that was the final nail in the coffin. It was more like a nuclear bomb than a nail, now that I think on it for a bit.

One the bright side, I have a okay looking garden now. I am not sure of exactly how healthy it is to indulge in my own particular brand of paranoia, probably not healthy at at all, however not being completely dependent on what food is available in the stores seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, who could have guessed that the zombie apocalypse wasn’t really going to happen.

So, since later this week, I am going to be receiving my second shot of the vaccine, so I won’t have to wear a mask anymore, and maybe I will be acquiring my mutant super power, cause everyone knows that you get super powers along with your shot. I have decided to reboot everything, from this blog, to my day job, and even to wear I will exist in the future. I am going to start with this blog.

Over the next week or so, you are going to see me fiddling with the over all look. There is nothing better than a make over. A new colour scheme, a brand new logo, new widgets, which will include a calendar showing when my next post is going to appear so that you don’t miss anything.

I am looking forward to sharing new content with all of you.